Ransomware has been one of the growing areas of data security threats in recent years. Wannacry was the biggest, best known approach of this. Essentially, a virus starts encrypting your files and holds them for ransom. If you give enough money (usually in bitcoin), they will give you the decrypt […]

Nextcloud Ransomware – NextCry

Some businesses need high levels of confidentiality for their documents. Things need to be shared with a few people, but in such a way that there’s a confidence that there haven’t been others taking a look at the process. Real estate, business brokerages, insurance, title insurance, laywers and paralegals all […]

Secure File Sharing Solutions

Years ago, I was at my wits end with Windows. I’d usually be able to get what I needed done, but it was usually after lots of pain, tears, frustration, muttering under my breath, uninstalling and reinstalling and then finally oh finally I could scan again. The registry… incompatible dll’s […]

Linux System Administration

A backup for your business (or even personal) data is so essential. Hard drives and other storage media die. It’s just a matter of time. Usually it happens without warning. Files get deleted or overwritten accidentally. The bad scenarios for your data could go on and on. “I was cleaning […]

Time Machine Style Backups for Servers with Rsnapshot