Secure File Sharing Solutions

Some businesses need high levels of confidentiality for their documents. Things need to be shared with a few people, but in such a way that there’s a confidence that there haven’t been others taking a look at the process. Real estate, business brokerages, insurance, title insurance, laywers and paralegals all deal with sensitive information that is required to keep confidentiality.

Many solutions are out there, but most have issues. Dropbox, Microsoft, Google they all have file sharing, but they also have had leaks and data privacy issues. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to trust.

We’ve been using a platform called Nextcloud for a few years now. They take security and data privacy VERY seriously. Nextcloud can be installed on your own server on premises or in the cloud and you can securely manage who has access to files. Sharing files and syncing with devices is easy. Mobile clients now support remote wipe so when someone is off the project, their files can be wiped remotely.

Messaging can be done within the same secured environment as well as document editing. If desired, a “virtual data room” can be setup with watermarking across documents and logging of activity.

Nextcloud can be used to sync files between multiple machines, implement simple cloud backups of important documents, replace Google Drive, Dropbox and other similar services as well as act as a full messaging and video conferencing platform.

Ask us about hosting your own businesses Nextcloud install!