Web hosting

With hosting fees as low as $240 / year it is extremely affordable to host your site with us. We also offer flexibility that some providers don’t. Most of our packages over shell access and we can install database software, or other modules needed for the web that can have you up and running your favorite CMS, or web application. All of our hosting is Linux based and we prefer Nginx, but make use of Apache as well.

Our lower end plans are all based on WordPress sites, but we do offer options to bring your own CMS or HTML/PHP projects with our middle and high end range offerings.

Over the years we have used custom virtual servers for many tasks ranging from web servers, and email; messaging servers such as ejabber; music servers such as icecast; game servers; audio servers such as murmur (mumble server); VPN servers such as OpenVPN and PPTP; collaboration servers such as Nextcloud, Monitoring and log aggregation servers such as OSSEC, Observium, LibreNMS, Zabbix, Elastic Stack; database servers running MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL; NodeJS development servers; media archiving management servers such as ResourceSpace; ticketing systems such as RT, Roundup, OTRS; MediaWiki; Webmail such as RoundCube and RainLoop; vTigerCRM; GTD software such as Tracks; Resource booking software such as MRBS and Booked; Educational platforms such as Moodle; The list could keep going and going.

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