Monthly SEO Packages

The prices for our monthly SEO Packages are based on the number of hours that we will be devoting to your site over the course of the month.  There are lots of SEO companies online offering services.  Many are overseas and charge very low rates, many also get very low quality results.  Usually with SEO you get what you pay for. The bottom line is we want to make sure things get done right.  Search Engine Optimization is a crucial piece of the puzzle today in businesses being found.  It’s vital to the lifeblood of local businesses to be found and accessible when people pull out their phones to search.  Let us help you to make sure your business isn’t missing out.


We recommend committing to an SEO plan for several months.  In some cases it can take three to six months for benefits to become clear.  There are few instant improvements.  SEO is a slow long game to put you in a place for growth in the long term.


We approach Optimization in a smart way to plan for the long term.  We want your site to be ranking well for the long haul, not just until Google catches on to what we’ve done.


The specifics of SEO change over time and best practice today is different from a few years ago.  The landscape of search is constantly changing bringing new challenges and approaches to keeping on top.  We can help you keep up in a changing landscape.


Monthly SEO Packages

Our SEO monthly package retainer prices are as follows:

The starter package is for optimization targeting one keyword – $400 per month – $600 setup fee.

The basic package is for optimization targeting 3 keywords –  $1200 per month – $1800 setup fee.

The advanced package is optimization targeting 6 keywords – $2400 per month – $3600 setup fee.

The premium package is optimization targeting 12 keywords – $4800 per month – $7200 setup fee.


Other packages are negotiable.



Exclusivity fee:

If you would like to make sure that we are not working for your competitors across town, we charge a $1000 exclusivity fee and require a commitment to a minimum of the advanced package for three months.


We also do small, single task SEO jobs.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Right now we are offering a special deal on claiming your Facebook, Google My Business or Yelp page for just $19.  We usually charge $120 for this service.


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