Computer and Network Security Services

There are a wide variety of services that we offer that can strengthen the security of your workstations, servers and network. No matter what the security level of systems are, one of the most important areas is backup and disaster recovery planning. We see these as essential cornerstones of a good security policy.

Data Backup Services

What would your company do if suddenly all the files in your business file share went missing, or were encrypted? These days the latter is unfortunately a common fear. Would it destroy you? Set you back months? Years? With good planning backups can be ready even if the worst happens in the blink of an eye. We can help find and design the backup plan that works best for your business whether you’re self employed or have multiple workstations and servers.

Disaster Recovery

Along with a good reliable backup method, your business needs a disaster recovery plan for your data, network, servers and workstations. We help you plan out the “what if’s” so that you can have a quick and effective plan to get back up and running if the worst happens. Let us help you map out the “what could we do if…” answers. The solutions for this can integrate backups and other services that we offer.

Managed Security Services

We offer monitoring packages for security issues that can give a high level awareness of potential issues on your network.

Vulnerability Scanning

Auditing software and servers for security vulnerabilities that could become a problem is one of the things we frequently do for customers. Some examples include:

External Security Audit of WordPress Site

A full external audit of a wordpress site. The basic scan does not need access to the backend server itself. A full report of suggestions to improve the system security are given as well as recommendations to prevent future information disclosure. (The default install of wordpress can give quite a bit of information.)

Full Security Audit of a Linux Server or VPS

This will require shell access to the system to be audited as well as privileges to install software. This will be a thorough assessment of the system security itself as well as a detailed report as to the steps to take to resolve the issues found in the scan itself.

External Security Audit of Server or VPS

This does not require local access to the machine but assesses the listening services on the server itself with version information recommending improvements where needed.