Linux Server Administration

Linux Server Administration

Remote administration of Linux servers.  We are your experts for linux server administration.  Today Linux is the hosting environment of choice for most websites and VPS cloud servers.  Yet for most people administering their cloud server or web site environment is not something that they have the time or interest to do. Whether your server is in house on running on your own hardware or if it’s cloud based with a SSH access and control panel we have experience with administering linux server environments whether they are real or virtual.

We bring over fifteen years of experience and knowledge of Linux as an operating system.  With experience with multiple popular distributions such as ubuntu, mint debian, centos, red hat and many different client and server applications such as postfix, apache, mysql/mariadb, monit, openvpn, ssh.  If you need someone to just setup your web environment you can call us.

We offer ongoing service and support as well as being someone you can call to troubleshoot any problems that you run across.  We’re also available if you just want a “safety net”.  Someone to turn to if am install or upgrade doesn’t work well.

linux server administration ssh console

Many people that offer linux server administration for extremely low rates over the internet are based overseas. We are based in the United States and are available via Skype or Google hangouts as well as Teamviewer to discuss your project needs.

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