Diversified Tech Solutions Blog

We’ve decided to start a blog here at Diversified Tech Solutions. There are a number of topics that we want to be giving updates on that just don’t fit into the structure of the main web site. So, check back for updates, subscribe to the feed and we will be posting here from time to time on various tech topics.

I’ll use this first post as an opportunity to re-introduce myself as the owner of Diversified Tech Solutions. My name is Avery Parker and I’ve been helping individuals and businesses with their technology needs since around 1998. We do web sites, web hosting, server and network administration and support, network deployments, desktop support, and a wide range of other services. As one place has described it, if it has a cable we’ve been responsible for it.

While my focus in the last 20 years has been more towards networks, network security and Linux servers, we do have experience with Windows servers, Windows desktops and Mac desktops as well. We also have experience with a full range of network equipment.

We enjoy helping businesses succeed by helping them with the tools that help them do what they do. That even includes websites, and marketing of those sites online. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!