Naples Ubuntu Support

We support linux distributions such as Ubuntu in the Naples area which includes Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero and surrounding areas. We have around 15 years of experience with Linux at the server and desktop.


Ubuntu linux is a powerful operating system that is also user friendly for the desktop.  It is based on Debian and has an easy software installer and updater that deals with all package management issues.  Ubuntu can also offer greater stability and security than Microsoft windows.  There are not as many viruses or malware targeted towards linux variants such as ubuntu.  I highly recommend Ubuntu for home and small office server use as a file server or backup server.  It can also be an effective development server or production server for web and database applications.

The power of linux really is at the command line.  We’ve developed a long depth of experience with BASH and other scripting languages.  Shell scripting can be a very effective way to leverage the power of linux for automating tasks and we have made use of that to solve unique problems for integrating data into websites or retrieving and collecting (scraping) data.


Overall we have over 15 years experience with linux desktop and linux server administration.  We are located in the Naples area of southwest Florida.